I currently offer donation price private lessons. Whether you’re looking to play in a rock band, produce electronic music, or compose scores for movies or video games, I’m more than willing to cater to your needs and help you learn how to pursue your goals. If you play an instrument already, even better! I have over 11 years of professional training in trumpet and guitar performance, and my education consists of both classical theory and studio production.

In your lessons, we’ll cover the following subjects:

Music Theory:
-scales, modes, and voice leading
-chord shapes and and harmonic progressions
-rhythm and meter

-the physics of sound
-mixing and digital music production
-recording and live sound
-audio effects processing
-computer performance techniques

The typical rate for other instructors ranges from $20-40/hr, but like I said, I work on donations. Only have $10 to spare this week? No worries.

Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.