Gatling Games has been steadily moving forward on our first project. It’s very exciting. The programmers have proofs of concept and are rapidly implementing new features as we make design decisions. The music team should be getting to work as soon as one of our team members gets his computer back up and running and makes up for the work lost in the crash. Creating steampunk music is going to be so fun!

My third wahrk album, due out on Complex Sound Sagacity Karakasa Music soon, is coming along. Several remixes by friends and peers have already been received, and I’m pretty much done with all the actual tracks for the album. Next up with be mastering, album art, distribution setup, and then it’ll be promotion time.

Boonesboro’s been pressing forward through our lineup change, writing new material and slipping into the groove with our new drummer. We’ve been listening through our studio tracks and getting ready for the couple of shows we have this month (one of them being tonight at Cherrywood!). Prepare for Boonesboro 3.0.

Renoise released their 2.8 beta a while back, and utilizing all of the new features has been a blast. I can’t stress how much I love and support Renoise, its developers, and the community.

Aside from all that, I always have some aspect of production that I’m focusing on, and this time around it’s compression and limiting. I love diving into the different tools and techniques, swimming around and gobbling up every little tidbit I can to put into use in my own work.

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all well in 2012.